Center for China-US Agricultural Economics and Policy

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The Center for China-US Agricultural Economics and Policy is a collaborative research center established by the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD) at Iowa State University and the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development (CAAS-IAED), in the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Housed separately under CARD and CAAS-IAED, the center conducts research and outreach in the areas of trade and agricultural markets, agricultural policy, resource and environmental policy, science and technology policy, and agricultural IO & institutions in crop and livestock sectors. The center publishes academic journal articles as well as policy briefs on key Chinese agricultural markets and policy issues that are geared toward both US and Chinese policymakers, industry stakeholders, and the media.

Recent Activities

Professors Dermot Hayes and Wendong Zhang join Drs. Zhihao Zheng, Hai Lin, Junfei Bai (not pictured), and Dean Pei Guo outside the College of Economics and Management at China Agricultural University in Beijing

January 31, 2018: Professor Zhang was interviewed by on the impacts of recent developments in China on US Agricultural trade.

January 28, 2018: Professor Hayes is quoted by Reuters on how scraping the NAFTA deal can hurt US farmers and increase the competitiveness of Canadian agriculture.

November 30, 2017: Professor Hayes was interviewed by Radio 570 WNAX on China Ag Center’s research on China’s recent E10 ethanol mandate and its implications for global ethanol and corn markets.

The Economist logoNovember 6, 2017: Professor Zhang was interviewed by The Economist on a China-Iowa friendship farm established in China modelled on an Iowan Farm.

In October 2017, Minghao Li, a recent Ph.D. graduate from Pennsylvania State University, joined as a postdoc researcher. Li analyzes critical Chinese agricultural policies and market trends, publishes research results in scholarly journals and policy briefs, and assembles key nationwide and provincial-level statistics for major commodity markets in China.

In September 2017, Pingping Wang, a second-year Ph.D. student in Agricultural Economics and Management in China Agricultural University joined the China Ag Center as a visiting scholar. Funded by the National China Scholarship Council Fund, she conducts research on fertilizer usage in China’s agricultural production.

In early 2017, two researchers at CARD, Dermot Hayes and Wendong Zhang, began working closely with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences through a joint research project. In February 2017, researchers from the two institutions met in Beijing to finalize a memorandum of understanding that established the joint research missions and terms of collaboration. The memorandum was signed in April 2017.