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Title:Modeling the Fate and Transport of Malathion in the Pagsanjan-Lumban Basin, Philippines 
Authors:Ligaray, M., M. Kim, S.S. Baek, J.-S. Ra, J.A. Chun, Y. Park, L. Boithias, O. Ribolzi, K. Chon, and K.H. Cho 
Article ID:451 
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Model:SWAT (modified) & SWAT 
Broad Application Category:hydrologic & pollutant 
Primary Application Category:pesticide fate and transport 
Secondary Application Category:model comparison 
Watershed Description:Pagsanjan-Lumban basin in southern Tagalog Region of the Philippines Catchment area is 454.45 km² Tropical climate 
Calibration Summary:Discharge calibration R² = 0.42 and NSE = 0.22 Pesticides: Original SWAT pesticide module: R² = 0.39, NSE = 0.18, PBIAS = 59.2%, RMSE = 3492.23 mg Modified SWAT pesticide module: R² = 0.52, NSE = 0.36, PBIAS = 48.6%, RMSE = 3088.05 mg 
Validation Summary:Discharge validation R² = 0.10 and NSE = −2.87 
General Comments: 
Keywords:Soil and Water Assessment Tool; Pesticides; Malathion; Agricultural watershed; Modified SWAT model