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Title:Research Trends in Non Point Source during 1975-2010 
Authors:Yanhua, Z., N. Thuminh, N. Beibei, S. Wei and H. Song 
Journal:Physics Procedia 
Pages:138 – 143 
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URL (non-DOI journals):http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1875389212013545 
Broad Application Category:literature citation analysis 
Primary Application Category:bibliometric analysis 
Secondary Application Category:none 
Watershed Description:none 
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General Comments:The authors state that: "Remarkably, as the most common model, “best management practices (BMPs)”, “soil and water assessment tool (SWAT)”, and “watershed modeling” showed a significant increasing trend during 1996-2010. SWAT was developed to assess the impact of management on water supplies and nonpoint source pollution in watersheds and large river basins." Note too the SWAT keyword citation in Table 3. 
Keywords:non point source; bibliometric analysis; keywords analysis; research trends