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Title:Modelling diffuse emission and retention of nutrients in the Vantaanjoki Watershed (Finland) using the SWAT model 
Authors:Grizzetti, B., F. Bouraoui, K. Granlund, S. Rekolainen and G. Bidoglio 
Journal:Ecological Modelling 
Volume (Issue):169(1) 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic and pollutant 
Primary Application Category:pollutant cycling/loss and transport 
Secondary Application Category:model and/or data comparison 
Watershed Description:1,680 km^2 Vantaanjoki River, which drains to the Baltic Sea in southern Finland. [Model testing was performed at the following gauging sites: Hanala (295 km^2 subwatershed), Sandbacka (subwatershed size not given), and Oulunkyl√§ (outlet of entire watershed] 
Calibration Summary:daily (1983 - April 1985; at Hanala): streamflow E = .81 total N E = .59 total P E = .74 
Validation Summary:daily/monthly (Hanala) E values (daily: 1989-93; monthly: 1989-97: streamflow = .57/.75 total N = .43/.10 total P = .54/.63 ----------------------------daily/monthly (Sandbacka) E values (daily: 1989-93; monthly: 1989-95: streamflow = .58/ .81 ----------------------------daily/monthly (Oulunkyl√§) E values (daily: 1989-93; monthly: 1989-97): streamflow = .66/ .76 total N = .51/.30 total P = .44/.64 
General Comments:Calibration and validation were performed with SWAT 99.2 primarily for a subwatershed that drains to the Hanala gauge site. Further validation was performed for another subwatershed that drains to a guage at Sandbacka, and for the entire watershed (outlet at Oulunkyl√§). Graphical results are also shown. The diffuse (nonpoint) emission (total source loadings) estimates with SWAT were compared to four statistical approaches. The SWAT results were found to be reasonable. 
Keywords:Retention; Hydrological modelling; Nitrogen; Phosphorus