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Title:An interdisciplinary modelling approach to evaluate the effects of land use change 
Authors:Fohrer, N., D. Möller and N. Steiner 
Journal:Physics and Chemistry of the Earth 
Volume (Issue):27(9-10) 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic only 
Primary Application Category:model and/or data interface 
Secondary Application Category:land use change 
Watershed Description:59.8 km^2 Aar River, located in Germany. 
Calibration Summary:daily 1986-87 E = 0.85 (r = 0.69) 
Validation Summary:daily 1983-84 E values = .64 (r = .79) 
General Comments:SWAT-G was interfaced with the Proland agric. economic model and the YELL ecological model. The authors report effects of four average field size scenarios (.5, .75, 1, and 2 ha) on land use, bird nest distribution and habitat, labor and agricultural value, and hydrologic response. 
Keywords:Land use change; Catchment hydrology; Trade-off relations; SWAT; Scenarios; Interdisciplinary approach