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Title:Hydrologic response to land use changes on the catchment scale 
Authors:Frede, H.-G. 
Journal:Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Part B: Hydrology, Oceans and Atmosphere 
Volume (Issue):26(7-8) 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic only 
Primary Application Category:model and/or data interface 
Secondary Application Category:land use change 
Watershed Description:58.8 km^2 Aar, 81.7 km^2 Dietzhölze, 0.26 km^2 Krofdorf B and 6.3 km^2 Weiherbach Rivers, located in Germany. 
Calibration Summary:daily (1991-92) E: Aar = .67; Dietzhölze = .84; KrofdorfB = .72; Weiherbach = .50 
Validation Summary:daily (1991-92) E: Aar = .63; Dietzhölze = .87; KrofdorfB = .53; Weiherbach = .57 
General Comments:Following calibration & validation, SWAT was tested for the effects of different crops on water balance. Barley resulted in the largest impacts relative to forest. Two land use scenarios were then generated with the Proland (economic) model and evaluated for the Dietzhölze watershed. A "grassland bonus" scenario resulted in decreased forest area, an increased peak flow rate, and greater risk of flooding.