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Title:ARCAPEX: ARCGIS interface for Agricultural Policy Environmental Extender (APEX) hydrology/water quality model 
Authors:Tuppad, P., M.F. Winchell, X.Wang, R. Srinivasan and J.R. Williams 
Journal:International Agricultural Engineering Journal 
Volume (Issue):18(1-2) 
Article ID: 
URL (non-DOI journals):http://venus.brc.tamus.edu/publications/ArcAPEX.pdf 
Broad Application Category:pre-SWAT or SWAT-related 
Primary Application Category:GIS interface, GIS utility, or other type of interface/utility 
Secondary Application Category:model and/or data interface 
Watershed Description:104 km^2 (combined) Tonk Creek and Wasp Creek in central Texas 
Calibration Summary: 
Validation Summary: 
General Comments:APEX streamflow and sediment lose results are presented for the combined watersheds 
Keywords:Watershed, geographical information system, hydrologic modeling, water quality, best management practice.