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Title:Vulnerability of water resources, vegetation productivity and soil erosion to climate change in Mediterranean watersheds 
Authors:Nunes, J.P., J. Seixas and N.R. Pacheco 
Journal:Hydrological Processes 
Volume (Issue):22(16) 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic and pollutant 
Primary Application Category:climate change assessment 
Secondary Application Category:hydrologic assessment 
Watershed Description:2778 km^2 Alentejo region consisting of 8 rivers that are all tributaries of the Guadiana River, and 1252 km^2 Ribatejo region consisting of 10 rivers that are all tributaries of the Tagus River, which are located respectively in southern and west central Portugal. drainage area, Portugal, totaling Alentejo Ten watersheds in the Tejo basin, Portugal, totaling 1252 km^2, with humid to sub-humid climate. Landcover is mostly annual rainfed crops, commercial pine and eucalyptus forests, and vineyards. Soils are mostly Cambisols. 
Calibration Summary:Available data for calibration and validation included daily streamflow for 1980-1990 for most of the watersheds, and sediment-discharge curves for four watersheds in each basin. Calibration was performed with 5 years of data for half of the watersheds, evenly divided between 1980-1985 (dryer years) and 1986-1990 (wetter years). Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency for calibration was 0.85 for streamflow and 0.79-0.81 for sediment yield. 
Validation Summary:Validation was performed with the remaining streamflow and estimated sediment yield data, including 5 years of data in the calibration watersheds, and 10 years of data in the validation watersheds.Nash-Sutcliffe efficiency for calibration was 0.82-0.85 for streamflow and 0.71 for sediment yield. HRU-scale erosion and agricultural productivity were compared with long-term averages for the region. 
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Keywords:climate change, modelling, hydrology, soil erosion, vegetation biomass productivity, Mediterranean climate