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Title:SWAT-G, a version of SWAT99.2 modified for application to low mountain range catchments 
Authors:Eckhardt, K., S. Haverkamp, N. Fohrer and H.-G. Frede 
Journal:Physics and Chemistry of the Earth 
Volume (Issue):27(9-10) 
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Model:SWAT-G & SWAT 
Broad Application Category:hydrologic only 
Primary Application Category:hydrologic assessment 
Secondary Application Category:baseflow, interflow and/or other hydrologic component analysis 
Watershed Description:81 km^2 Dietzh√∂lze River, located roughly 30 km northwest of Giessen, Germany. 
Calibration Summary:daily (Nov. 1, 1990 to August 1, 1993) E values: SWAT-G = 0.76 SWAT99.2 = -0.17 
Validation Summary: 
General Comments:Paper describes the SWAT-G adaptation, which was derived from SWAT99.2. The watershed soils & slope conditions result in subsurface interflows similar to the fragipan soils described in Peterson & Hamlett (1998). SWAT-G matched average daily flow almost exactly; SWAT99.2 underpredicted average daily flow by 50%. Shuffled Complex Evolution (SCE) automatic calibration was also used in the study. 
Keywords:Distributed models; Model verification; SWAT