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Title:Review of nonpoint source pollution models: Current status and future direction 
Authors:Wang, M., L. Chen, L. Wu, L. Zhang, H. Xie and Z Shen 
Volume (Issue):14(20) 
Article ID:3217 
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Broad Application Category:review/history 
Primary Application Category:pollutant cycling/loss and transport 
Secondary Application Category:model and/or data comparison 
Watershed Description:None 
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Abstract:Modelling tools are commonly used for predicting non-point source (NPS) pollutants and it is timely to review progress that has been made in terms of the development of NPS models. This paper: (1) proposes a systematic description of model framework and generalizes some commonly used models; (2) identifies the common challenges in model structure and applications; (3) summarizes the future directions of NPS models. Challenges in model construction and application are based on the following: (1) limitations in understanding specific NPS pollution processes; (2) model expansion to different scales; (3) data scarcity and its impacts on model performance; (4) prediction uncertainty due to model input, parameter and model structure; (5) insufficient accuracy for decision-making. Finally, this paper proposes future directions for model development, including: (1) a source–flow–sink framework for model development; (2) standardization for model input and parameter; (3) reliable decision support for environmental management. The findings of this review provide helps in the accurate prediction and management of NPS pollution around the world. 
Keywords:nonpoint source pollution;model construction;model application; uncertainty; decision-making; best management practice