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Title:Water supply planning considering uncertainties in future water demand and climate: A case study in an Illinois watershed 
Authors:Zhang, Z., E. Getahun, M. Mu. and S. Chandrasekaran 
Journal:Journal of the American Water Resources Association 
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Model:SWAT (modified) 
Broad Application Category:hydrologic only 
Primary Application Category:climate change and human activities change 
Secondary Application Category:hydrologic assessment 
Watershed Description:13,374 km^2 Kankakee River, with gauge testing sites for four drainage areas (1,776, 5,413, 5,939 and 13,333 km^2), a tributary of the Illinois River that drains parts of the northeastern Illinois, northwestern Indiana and southern Michigan, U.S. 
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General Comments:The authors added an additional calibration parameter (βgw) to the groundwater module that introduced nonlinearity in the shallow aquifer storage–groundwater discharge relationship (see the Kankakee River Watershed Model section). 
Keywords:water supply; minimum flow; watershed model; water resources management; SWAT; scenario analysis.