SWAT Literature Database for Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Title:The USDA‐ARS experimental watershed network: Evolution, lessons learned, societal benefits, and moving forward 
Authors:Goodrich, D.C., P. Heilman, M. Anderson, C. Baffaut, J. Bonta, D. Bosch, R. Bryant, M. Cosh, D. Endale, T.L., Veith, S.C. Havens, A. Hedrick, P.J. Kleinman, E. J. Langendoen, G. McCarty, T. Moorman, D. Marks, F. Pierson, J.R. Rigby, H. Schomberg, P. Starks, J. Steiner, T. Strickland and T. Tsegaye 
Journal:Water Resources Research 
Volume (Issue):57(2) 
Article ID:e2019WR026473 
URL (non-DOI journals): 
Broad Application Category:review/history 
Primary Application Category:Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP) based study 
Secondary Application Category:bibliometric analysis 
Watershed Description: 
Calibration Summary: 
Validation Summary: 
General Comments:Bibliometric analysis was based on the following statements in Section “SWAT is arguably one of the most widely used watershed models in the world. A crude index supporting this statement is the approximate total number of hits on a Google Scholar search (search entry: “acronym of the watershed model”): SWAT—34,400; HEC‐HMS—8,700; HSPF—8,480; SWMM—7,820; and PRMS—2,570.”