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Title:Disentangling the effect of future land use strategies and climate change on streamflow in a Mediterranean catchment dominated by tree plantations 
Authors:Galleguillos, M., F. Gimeno, C. Puelma, M. Zambrano-Bigiarini, A. Lara and M. Rojas 
Journal:Journal of Hydrology 
Volume (Issue):595 
Article ID:126047 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic only 
Primary Application Category:metal cycling/loss and transport 
Secondary Application Category:crop, forest and/or vegetation growth/yield and/or parameters 
Watershed Description:620 km^2 Cauquenes River, a tributary of the Maule River located on the eastern slope of the Coastal Mountain range in south-central Chile. 
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Keywords:LULCC; Exotic plantations; Native shrubland; SWAT; Hydrological response; SDGs