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Title:Nature-based solutions efficiency evaluation against natural hazards: Modelling methods, advantages and limitations 
Authors:Kumar, P., S.E. Debele, J. Sahani, N. Rawat, B. Marti-Cardona, S.M. Alfieri, B. Basub, A.S. Basu, P. Bowyer, N. Charizopoulos, G. Gallotti, J. Jaakko, L.S. Leo, M. Loupis, M. Menenti, S.B. Mickovski, S.-J. Mun, A. Gonzalez-Ollauri, J. Pfeiffer, F. Pilla, J. Pröll, M. Rutzinger, M.A. Santo, S. Sannigrahi, C. Spyrou, H. Tuomenvirta and T. Zieher 
Journal:Science of the Total Environment 
Volume (Issue):784 
Article ID:147058 
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Broad Application Category:review/history 
Primary Application Category:urban stormwater and/or BMP assessment 
Secondary Application Category:model and/or data comparison 
Watershed Description:None 
Calibration Summary: 
Validation Summary: 
General Comments: 
Keywords:Numerical models, Climate-impact mitigation, Performance evaluation, Cost-effectiveness, NBS upscaling, Nature-inspired solutions