SWAT Literature Database for Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Title:Quantifying uncertainty cascading from climate, watershed, and lake models in harmful algal bloom predictions 
Authors:Scavia, D., Y.-C. Wang, D.R. Obenour, A. Apostel, S.J. Basile, M.M. Kalcic, C.J. Kirchhoff, L. Miralha, R.L. Muenich and A.L. Steiner 
Journal:Science of the Total Environment 
Volume (Issue):759 
Article ID:143487 
URL (non-DOI journals): 
Model:SWAT (modified) & SWAT 
Broad Application Category:pollutant only 
Primary Application Category:model and/or data interface 
Secondary Application Category:model and/or data comparison 
Watershed Description:17,000 km^2 Maumee River, which drains parts of northeast Indiana, southeast Michigan and northwest Ohio, U.S. 
Calibration Summary: 
Validation Summary: 
General Comments: 
Keywords:Integrating models, Error analysis, Monte Carlo, Forecasting