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Title:Effects of finer scale soil survey and land-use classification on SWAT hydrological modelling accuracy in data-poor study areas 
Authors:Escamilla-Rivera, V., S. Cortina-Villar, A. Vaca, D. Golicher, J. Arellano-Monterrosas and J. Honey-Rosés 
Journal:Journal of Water Resource and Protection 
Volume (Issue):14(2) 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic only 
Primary Application Category:input data effects 
Secondary Application Category:hydrologic assessment 
Watershed Description:256 km^2 Blanco River, located in the “La Frailescana protected area" in the southwest part of the State of Chiapas in far southern Mexico. 
Calibration Summary:Sensitivity, calibration and uncertainty analysis were performed using the Sequential Uncertainty Fitting, version 2 (SUFI-2) procedure of the software SWAT-CUP (SWAT Calibration and Uncertainty Programs) version 5.1.4. The sensitivity analysis was performed with the uncertainties of the parameter ranges, which are sampled through the Latin Hypercube-One factor At a Time (LH-OAT) method. 
Validation Summary:Validation was performed afterwards following the SUFI-2 procedure with three years of observed data. 
General Comments:Our results suggest that greater care should be taken in selecting the scale of the maps due to soil maps can better explain the subsurface and surface hydric dynamics of the basin, while LULC maps can improve the accuracy in the model; this can be observed in the performance of the four models and the information implemented in each one of them. The sensitivity analysis does not consider the impact of HRUs and the number of sub-basins in the model setup, factors that are generally significant. However, our study addresses the uncertainty of the parameterisations of the four models, allowing us to observe that the impact of CN2 on the streamflow simulation by using a large-scale soil map is smaller than using a smaller scale. 
Keywords:Map Scale, SWAT Model, Soil Survey, Land Use/Land Cover, Mexico