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Title:Multi-scenario integration comparison of CMADS and TMPA datasets for hydro-climatic simulation over Ganjiang River Basin, China 
Authors:Wang, Q., J. Xia, X. Zhang, D. She, J. Liu and P. Li 
Volume (Issue):12(11) 
Article ID:3243 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic only 
Primary Application Category:climate data effects 
Secondary Application Category:hydrologic assessment 
Watershed Description:80,948 km^2 Ganjiang River, a tributary of Yangtze River located in Jiangxi Province in southeast China. 
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Abstract:The lack of meteorological observation data limits the hydro-climatic analysis and modeling, especially for the ungauged or data-limited regions, while satellite and reanalysis products can provide potential data sources in these regions. In this study, three daily products, including two satellite products (Tropic Rainfall Measuring Mission Multi-Satellite Precipitation Analysis, TMPA 3B42 and 3B42RT) and one reanalysis product (China Meteorological Assimilation Driving Datasets for the SWAT Model, CMADS), were used to assess the capacity of hydro-climatic simulation based on the statistical method and hydrological model in Ganjiang River Basin (GRB), a humid basin of southern China. CAMDS, TMPA 3B42 and 3B42RT precipitation were evaluated against ground-based observation based on multiple statistical metrics at different temporal scales. The similar evaluation was carried out for CMADS temperature. Then, eight scenarios were constructed into calibrating the Soil and Water Assessment 
Keywords:CMADS; TMPA 3B42; TMPA 3B42RT; SWAT model; precipitation; temperature; Ganjiang River Basin