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Title:Impacts of landscape changes on water resources 
Authors:Jha, M.K. 
Volume (Issue):12(8) 
Article ID:2244 
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Model:APEX & SWAT 
Broad Application Category:overview of special journal issue/section/etc. 
Primary Application Category:stream and/or soil temperature assessment 
Secondary Application Category:model and/or data interface 
Watershed Description:None 
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General Comments:Two SWAT studies are described in this overview of the Water special issue that the two studies were published in. 
Abstract:Changes in land use and land cover can have many drivers, including population growth, urbanization, agriculture, demand for food, evolution of socio-economic structure, policy regulations, and climate variability. The impacts of these changes on water resources range from changes in water availability (due to changes in losses of water to evapotranspiration and recharge) to degradation of water quality (increased erosion, salinity, chemical loadings, and pathogens). The impacts are manifested through complex hydro-bio-geo-climate characteristics, which underscore the need for integrated scientific approaches to understand the impacts of landscape change on water resources. Several techniques, such as field studies, long-term monitoring, remote sensing technologies, and advanced modeling studies have been contributing to better understanding the modes and mechanisms by which landscape changes impact water resources. Such research studies can help unlock the complex interconnected influences of landscape on water resources for quantity and quality at multiple spatial and temporal scales. In this Special Issue, we published a set of eight peer-reviewed articles elaborating on some of the specific topics of landscape changes and associated impacts on water resources. 
Keywords:landscape change; water resources analysis; water modeling; impact assessment