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Title:Maximizing crops yield net benefit in a groundwater-irrigated plain constrained to aquifer stable depletion using a coupled PSO-SWAT-MODFLOW hydro-agronomic model 
Authors:Sabzzadeh I. and M. Shourian 
Journal:Journal of Cleaner Production 
Volume (Issue):262 
Article ID:121349 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic only 
Primary Application Category:crop, forest and/or vegetation growth/yield and/or parameters 
Secondary Application Category:model and/or data interface 
Watershed Description:58 km^2 Asemanabad Plain (and 36 km^2 associated aquifer), located in the Karkheh River in west central Iran. 
Calibration Summary: 
Validation Summary: 
General Comments:The authors refer to their modeling system as PSO-SWAT-MODFLOW but this reflect linkages using output data from one model to another rather than any actual modification of SWAT. So SWAT is the model identified as being used in this study. 
Keywords:Crops planning, Groundwater stability, Hydro-agronomic modeling, Hybrid optimization-simulation, PSO-SWAT-MODFLOW