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Title:Conceptual framework of connectivity for a national agroecosystem model based on transport processes and management practices 
Authors:Arnold, J.G., M.J. White, P.M. Allen, P.W. Gassman and K. Bieger 
Journal:Journal of the American Water Resources Association 
Volume (Issue):54(1) 
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Broad Application Category:conceptual approach 
Primary Application Category:Conservation Effects Assessment Project (CEAP) based study 
Secondary Application Category:HRU, subbasin, grid and/or landscape unit delineation effects 
Watershed Description:Conterminous United States, which was subdivided into 4,880,000 agricultural fields, 2,250,000 non-agricultural hydrologic response units, and 7,130,000 transition, 1,610,000 headwater, 591,000 tributary, and 432,400 main channels. 
Calibration Summary: 
Validation Summary: 
General Comments:See Table 2 in the study for more information regarding the total area or total length of the different spatial or stream units described in the watershed description or abstract. 
Keywords:watersheds; surface water hydrology; simulation; SWAT+; process domains; connectivity; national scale; NHDPlus version 2