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Title:IPEAT+: A built-in optimization and automatic calibration tool of SWAT+ 
Authors:Yen, H., S. Park, J.G. Arnold, R. Srinivasan, C.J. Chawanda, R. Wang, Q. Feng, J. Wu, C. Miao, K. Bieger, P. Daggupati, A. van Griensven, L. Kalin, S. Lee, A.Y. Sheshukov, M.J. White, Y. Yuan, I.-Y. Yeo, M. Zhang and X. Zhang 
Volume (Issue):11(8) 
Article ID:1681 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic only 
Primary Application Category:GIS interface, GIS utility, or other type of interface/utility 
Secondary Application Category:input file structure description or concept 
Watershed Description:471 km^2 Middle Bosque River, which drains portions of McLennan, Bosque and Coryell Counties in east central Texas, U.S. 
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Abstract:For almost 30 years, the Soil and Water Assessment Tool (SWAT) has been successfully implemented to address issues around various scientific subjects in the world. On the other hand, it has been reaching to the limit of potential flexibility in further development by the current structure. The new generation SWAT, dubbed SWAT+, was released recently with entirely new coding features. SWAT+ is designed to have far more advanced functions and capacities to handle challenging watershed modeling tasks for hydrologic and water quality processes. However, it is still inevitable to conduct model calibration before the SWAT+ model is applied to engineering projects and research programs. The primary goal of this study is to develop an open-source, easy-to-operate automatic calibration tool for SWAT+, dubbed IPEAT+ (Integrated Parameter Estimation and Uncertainty Analysis Tool Plus). There are four major advantages: (i) Open-source code to general users; (ii) compiled and integrated directly with SWAT+ source code as a single executable; (iii) supported by the SWAT developer group; and, (iv) built with efficient optimization technique. The coupling work between IPEAT+ and SWAT+ is fairly simple, which can be conducted by users with minor efforts. IPEAT+ will be regularly updated with the latest SWAT+ revision. If users would like to integrate IPEAT+ with various versions of SWAT+, only few lines in the SWAT+ source code are required to be updated. IPEAT+ is the first automatic calibration tool integrated with SWAT+ source code. Users can take advantage of the tool to pursue more cutting-edge and forward-thinking scientific questions. 
Keywords:IPEAT; Model calibration; Optimization; SWAT+