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Title:Improved curve number estimation in SWAT by reflecting the effect of rainfall intensity on runoff generation 
Authors:Zhang. D., Q. Lin, X. Chen and T. Chai 
Volume (Issue):11(1) 
Article ID:163 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic only 
Primary Application Category:modified runoff curve number approach 
Secondary Application Category:calibration, sensitivity, and/or uncertainty analysis 
Watershed Description:5,629 km^2 Jinjiang River, located in southeastern China. 
Calibration Summary: 
Validation Summary: 
General Comments:Some results are presented for subwatersheds within the overall study watershed. 
Abstract:Determining the amount of rainfall that will eventually become runoff and its pathway is a crucial process in hydrological modelling. We proposed a method to better estimate curve number by adding an additional component (AC) to better account for the effects of daily rainfall intensity on rainfall-runoff generation. This AC is determined by a regression equation developed from the relationship between the AC series derived from fine-tuned calibration processes and observed rainfall series. When incorporated into the Soil and Water Assessment Tool and tested in the Anxi Watershed, it is found, overall, the modified SWAT (SWAT-ICN) outperformed the original SWAT (SWAT-CN) in terms of stream flow, base flow, and annual extreme flow simulation. These models were further evaluated with the data sets of two adjacent watersheds. Similar results were achieved, indicating the ability of the proposed method to better estimate curve number. 
Keywords:curve number; rainfall intensity; rainfall-runoff generation; SWAT