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Title:An integrated economic-hydrologic modeling framework for the watershed evaluation of beneficial management practices 
Authors:Yang, W., A.N. Rousseau and P. Boxall 
Journal:Journal of Soil and Water Conservation 
Volume (Issue):62(6) 
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URL (non-DOI journals):http://www.jswconline.org/content/62/6/423.short 
Broad Application Category:BMP review or conceptual approach 
Primary Application Category:BMP and/or cropping system assessment 
Secondary Application Category:model and/or data interface 
Watershed Description:None 
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Abstract:This paper develops an integrated economic-hydrologic modeling framework that includes an on-farm economic model, a farmer adoption behavior model, a watershed modeling toolbox and a nonmarket valuation economic model for watershed evaluation of beneficial management practices (BMPs). The modeling framework is specifically designed for the watershed evaluation of BMPs (WEBs) project, which was established as a partnership between Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and Ducks Unlimited Canada in 2003. The modeling framework could be applied to examine tradeoffs between on-farm costs, pollution abatement, water quality improvement, and societal value in evaluating agricultural conservation programs. In comparison with previous studies, the modeling framework not only integrates economic and physical models but also incorporates normative and behavioral elements in addressing the complex conservation issue. This study introduces a modeling framework for policy-makers and program managers to improve the design and implementation of conservation programs to meet the environmental and ecological goals more cost-effectively. 
Keywords:agricultural conservation programs, beneficial management practices, cost effectiveness, integrated economic-hydrologic modeling, watershed evaluation