SWAT Literature Database for Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Title:Comments on "Mapping the scientific research on non-point source pollution: a bibliometric analysis" by Yang et al. (2017) 
Authors:Y.S. Ho 
Journal:Environmental Science and Pollution Research 
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Broad Application Category:erratum, comment, discussion, letter or response 
Primary Application Category:bibliometric analysis 
Secondary Application Category:none 
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General Comments:This Letter to the Editor is included in the database because the original article that the author is commenting on is already included in the database. The author offers the opinion that the inclusion of two SWAT review articles (Gassman et al., 2007; Arnold et al., 2012) is evidence (among other evidence) that the original authors did not perform their analyses correctly. It is not clear exactly what the author's argument is because both review articles provide useful insights regarding environmental applications of SWAT.