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Title:Assessment of baseflow estimates considering recession characteristics in SWAT 
Authors:Lee, J., J. Kim, W.S. Jang, K.J. Lim and B.A. Engel 
Volume (Issue):10(4) 
Article ID:371 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic only 
Primary Application Category:baseflow separation techniques 
Secondary Application Category:baseflow, interflow and/or other hydrologic component analysis 
Watershed Description:99.2 km^2 Seoul, 1567 km^2 Musim, 392 km^2 Osu, 649.8 km^2 Andong and 696 km^2 Pyeongchang Rivers, located respectively in the northeast, central, southwest, east central, and northeast parts of South Korea. 
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Abstract:Baseflow is influenced by incoming groundwater to aquifers and is closely related to watershed characteristics. Understanding baseflow characteristics is of great importance to river ecosystems and water management. Baseflow estimation typically depends on the observed streamflow in gauged watersheds, but accurate predictions of streamflow through modeling can also be useful in estimating baseflow. However, uncertainty occurs in the baseflow estimation process when modeling streamflow. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to compare the method that is proposed by Arnold and Allen (Scenario I) to an improved recession prediction method where the alpha factor (baseflow recession coefficient) is recalibrated and is applied to SWAT (Scenario II). Although the differences between the results (NSE, R2, RMSE, MAE, d) of Scenarios I and II were small regarding streamflow and recession, the Scenario II method more accurately reflected the recession characteristics than the Scenario I method. Furthermore, the Scenario II method was better in baseflow prediction than for the Scenario I method proposed by Arnold and Allen. Therefore, these outputs pave the way and contribute to an efficient method for water management in watersheds. 
Keywords:alpha factor; baseflow; Bflow; streamflow recession; SWAT