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Title:CHASE-PL—Future hydrology data set: Projections of water balance and streamflow for the Vistula and Odra Basins, Poland 
Authors:Piniewski, M., M. Szcześniak and I. Kardel 
Volume (Issue):2(2) 
Article ID:14 
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Broad Application Category:data or component development 
Primary Application Category:climate change 
Secondary Application Category:hydrologic assessment 
Watershed Description:Odra and Vistala Rivers, which together drain the majority of Poland and small portions on neighboring countries. 
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Abstract:There is considerable concern that the water resources of Central and Eastern Europe region can be adversely affected by climate change. Projections of future water balance and streamflow conditions can be obtained by forcing hydrological models with the output from climate models. In this study, we employed the SWAT hydrological model driven with an ensemble of nine bias-corrected EURO-CORDEX climate simulations to generate future hydrological projections for the Vistula and Odra basins in two future horizons (2024–2050 and 2074–2100) under two Representative Concentration Pathways (RCPs). The data set consists of three parts: (1) model inputs; (2) raw model outputs; (3) aggregated model outputs. The first one allows the users to reproduce the outputs or to create the new ones. The second one contains the simulated time series of 10 variables simulated by SWAT: precipitation, snow melt, potential evapotranspiration, actual evapotranspiration, soil water content, percolation, surface runoff, baseflow, water yield and streamflow. The third one consists of the multi-model ensemble statistics of the relative changes in mean seasonal and annual variables developed in a GIS format. The data set should be of interest of climate impact scientists, water managers and water-sector policy makers. In any case, it should be noted that projections included in this data set are associated with high uncertainties explained in this data descriptor paper 
Keywords:SWAT; climate change; flow projections; water balance; Vistula basin; Oder basin; hydrological modelling