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Title:An ensemble analysis of climate change impacts on streamflow seasonality across 11 large river basins 
Authors:Eisner, S., M. Flörke, A. Chamorro, P. Daggupati, C. Donnelly, J. Huang, Y. Hundecha, H. Koch, A. Kalugin, I. Krylenko, V. Mishra, M. Piniewski, L. Samaniego, O. Seidou, M. Wallner and V. Krysanova 
Journal:Climatic Change 
Volume (Issue):141(3) 
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Model:SWIM & SWAT 
Broad Application Category:hydrologic only 
Primary Application Category:climate change 
Secondary Application Category:hydrologic assessment 
Watershed Description:SWAT simulations performed for six major river systems (continent): 120,000 km^2 Upper Niger (Africa), 238,977 km^2 Blue Nile (Africa), 866,559 km^2 Upper Yangtze (Asia), 489,300 Darling (Australia), 444,185 km^2 Mississippi (North America) and 990,781 km^2 Upper Amazon (South America). SWIM simulations performed for 10 major river systems (continent): 160,000 km^2 Rhine (Europe), 67,490 km^2 Tagus (Europe), 120,000 km^2 Upper Niger (Africa), 238,977 km^2 Blue Nile (Africa), 835,000 km^2 Ganges (Asia), 121,000 km^2 Upper Yellow (Asia), 804,859 km^2 Upper Yangtze (Asia), 2,460,000 km^2 Lena (Asia), 444,185 km^2 Upper Mississippi (North America) and 990,781 km^2 Upper Amazon (South America). 
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General Comments:This study is part of a special issue entitled "Hydrological Model Intercomparison for Climate Impact Assessment" that was published in volume 141(3) of Climatic Change. The special issue is not focused on SWAT applications specifically although several of the studies do describe applications of SWAT within the context of the special issue theme. The lead-off overview article for the special issue is: Krysanova, V. and F.F. Hattermann. 2017. Intercomparison of climate change impacts in 12 large river basins: Overview of methods and summary of results. Climatic Change. 141(3): 363-379. Doi: 10.1007/s10584-017-1919-y.