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Title:GLEAMS: Groundwater loading effects of agricultural management systems 
Authors:Leonard, R.A., W.G. Knisel, and D.A. Still 
Journal:Transactions of the ASAE 
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URL (non-DOI journals):http://www.tifton.uga.edu/sewrl/Gleams/raleonard87.pdf 
Broad Application Category:pre-SWAT or SWAT-related 
Primary Application Category:review/history 
Secondary Application Category:pesticide fate and transport 
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Abstract:GLEAMS (Groundwater Loading Effects of Agricultural Management Systems) is a mathematical model developed for field-size areas to evaluate the effects of agricultural management systems on the movement of agricultural chemicals within and through the plant root zone. This paper describes the concepts of the hydrology, erosion, and pesticide components of GLEAMS. Results of sensitivity analysis and validation with observed bromide and pesticide data are given. The validation includes comparisons of model simulations and observed soil concentrations in the root zone, and simulated and observed leaching losses.