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Title:Process verification of a hydrological model using a temporal parameter sensitivity analysis 
Authors:Pfannerstill, M., B. Guse, D. Reusser and N. Fohrer 
Journal:Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 
Volume (Issue):19(10) 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic only 
Primary Application Category:sensitivity analysis 
Secondary Application Category:tile drainage effects and/or processes 
Watershed Description:50 km^2 Kielstau River, a tributary of the Treene River located in the State of Schleswig-Holstein in northern Germany. 
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Abstract:To ensure reliable results of hydrological models, it is essential that the models reproduce the hydrological process dynamics adequately. information about simulated process dynamics is provided by looking at the temporal sensitivities of the corresponding model parameters. For this, the temporal dynamics of parameter sensitivity are analysed to identify the simulated hydrological processes. Based on these analyses it can be verified if the simulated hydrological processes match the observed processes of the real world. We present a framework that makes use of processes observed in a study catchment to verify simulated hydrological processes. Temporal dynamics of parameter sensitivity of a hydrological model are interpreted to simulated hydrological processes and compared with observed hydrological processes of the study catchment. The results of the analysis show the appropriate simulation of all relevant hydrological processes in relation to processes observed in the catchment. Thus, we conclude that temporal dynamics of parameter sensitivity are helpful for verifying simulated processes of hydrological models.