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Title:Role of watershed subdivision on modeling the effectiveness of best management practices with SWAT 
Authors:Arabi, M., R.S. Govindaraju, M.M. Hantush, and B.A. Engel 
Journal:Journal of the American Water Resources Association 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic & pollutant 
Primary Application Category:HRU and/or subwatershed delineation effects 
Secondary Application Category:BMP assessment 
Watershed Description:6.2 km^2 Dreisbach; 7.3 km^2 Smith Fry (Indiana) 
Calibration Summary:monthly stream flow r2/NSE values (1975-May 1977): Dreisbach=0.92/0.84, Smith Fry=0.86/0.73; monthly surface runoff r2/NSE values (1975-May 1977): Dreisbach=0.91/0.80, Smith Fry=0.84/0.62 
Validation Summary:monthly stream flow r2/NSE values (June 1977-1978): Dreisbach=0.87/0.73, Smith Fry=0.81/0.63; monthly surface runoff r2/NSE values (June 1977-1978): Dreisbach=0.88/0.75, Smith Fry=0.84/0.63 
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Keywords:SWAT; modeling; nonpoint source pollution; sediment; nutrients; best management practices (BMPs; watershed subdivision; sensitivity analysis