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Title:Increasing life expectancy of water resources literature 
Authors:Heistermann, M., T., Francke, C. Georgi and A. Bronstert 
Journal:Water Resources Research 
Volume (Issue):50 
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Broad Application Category:literature citation analysis 
Primary Application Category:bibliometric analysis 
Secondary Application Category:none 
Watershed Description:none 
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General Comments:This paper features a bibliometric analysis of 80 journals that were categorized at the time within the Web of Science Core Collection "Water Resources category" (there were 81 journals in that category in 2015). The initial part of the study was devoted to analyzing nearly 1.9 million references cited in over 170,000 publications included in the Water Resources category. Key results of that portion of the analysis are displayed in Figure 1 and Table 1. The aspect that is of more interest to the SWAT user community are the results of "References ranked by weighted average of citations per year in Water Resource journals" in Table 2. The authors state near the bottom of page 5025 in regards to Table 2 that: "In comparison to Table 1, though, the dominance of one topic is particularly remarkable: the use of watershed models and the related aspects of model calibration, evaluation, and uncertainty (ranks 7, 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 19, 21, and 25)." Note that the papers that are ranked 11, 16, and 21 are Moriasi et al. (2007), Gassman et al. (2007) and Arnold et al. (1998), which are all key papers in the overall SWAT literature and are the three all-time most cited SWAT-related papers across all disciplines (in order of (1) Arnold et al., (2) Moriasi et al., and (3) Gassman et al.) in the Web of Science Core Collection or broader Web of Science All Databases collection (or other ciation databases).