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Title:Comparing calibrated parameter sets of the SWAT model for the Scandinavian and Iberian Peninsulas 
Authors:Malag√≤, A., L. Pagliero, F. Bouraoui and M. Franchini 
Journal:Hydrological Sciences Journal 
Volume (Issue):60(5) 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic only 
Primary Application Category:regionalization of input parameters 
Secondary Application Category:calibration, sensitivity, and/or uncertainty analysis 
Watershed Description:The Scandinavian Peninsula (10^6 km^2) in northern Europe, which was divided into 5447 sub-basins, with 61 gauged head basins and another 346 gauged sub-basins, and the Iberian Peninsula (556¬∑10^3 km^2) in southwest Europe, which was divided in 3019 sub-basins, with 81 gauged head basins and another 215 gauged sub-basins. 
Calibration Summary:A step-wise calibration approach was developed in order to calibrate the streamflow. This methodology involves sensitivity analysis, multi-variables calibration and regionalization of the calibrated parameters. In particular, the headwaters were calibrated using SUFI-2 method (Abbaspour, 2008) through 4 sequential steps that focused on different hydrological processes. After that, calibrated parameter sets were transposed in ungauged sub-basins using a technique of regionalization. 
Validation Summary:The accuracy of regionalized model performance was analyzed comparing the calibrated monthly discharge and observed data in 346 gauged subbasins in Scandinavia and 215 gauged sub-basins in the Iberian Peninsula using different statistic criteria. 
General Comments:The step-wise calibration allows gaining a good knowledge of each hydrological process through the analysis of temporal and spatial variations of calibrated flow in different regions. As a consequence, in our opinion, this procedure of calibration should be adopted as a robust procedure in the calibration of SWAT streamflow outputs. It has to be stressed that streamflow well simulated in time and in space is a pre-condition for a good calibration of sediment and nutrients loads. 
Keywords:large-scale model; multi-variables calibration; sensitivity analysis; spatial variability; SWAT model; parameter regionalization; Scandinavia; Iberian Peninsula