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Title:Development of web-based RECESS model for estimating baseflow using SWAT 
Authors:Lee, G., Y. Shin and Y. Jung 
Volume (Issue):6(4) 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic only 
Primary Application Category:baseflow separation techniques 
Secondary Application Category:baseflow, interflow and/or other hydrologic component analysis 
Watershed Description:2,694 km^2 Soyang dam, located in northeast South Korea 
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Abstract:Groundwater has received increasing attention as an important strategic water resource for adaptation to climate change. In this regard, the separation of baseflow from streamflow and the analysis of recession curves make a significant contribution to integrated river basin management. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) RECESS model adopting the master-recession curve (MRC) method can enhance the accuracy with which baseflow may be separated from streamflow, compared to other baseflow-separation schemes that are more limited in their ability to reflect various watershed/aquifer characteristics. The RECESS model has been widely used for the analysis of hydrographs, but the applications using RECESS were only available through Microsoft-Disk Operating System (MS-DOS). Thus, this study aims to develop a web-based RECESS model for easy separation of baseflow from streamflow, with easy applications for ungauged regions. RECESS on the web derived the alpha factor, which is a baseflow recession constant in the Soil Water Assessment Tool (SWAT), and this variable was provided to SWAT as the input. The results showed that the alpha factor estimated from the web-based RECESS model improved the predictions of streamflow and recession. Furthermore, these findings showed that the baseflow characteristics of the ungauged watersheds were influenced by the land use and slope angle of watersheds, as well as by precipitation and streamflow. 
Keywords:baseflow; integrated river basin management; web-based RECESS; recession; SWAT; alpha factor