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Title:Optimal implementation of irrigation practices: A cost-effective desertification action plan for Pinios 
Authors:Panagopoulos, Y., C. Makropoulos, M. Kossida and M. Mimikou 
Journal:Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management 
Volume (Issue):139 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic only 
Primary Application Category:BMP assessment (genetic algorithm or similar optimization approach) 
Secondary Application Category:irrigation impacts or irrigation BMP scenarios 
Watershed Description:10,600 km^2 Pinios River in central Greece 
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Abstract:The effort to manage irrigation water use through the adoption and implementation of agricultural best management practices (BMPs) is crucial for meeting water bodies’ sustainability in water deficient agricultural areas. This paper presents the development of an efficient decision support tool, able to suggest the optimal location for placing high and low tech irrigation BMPs, such as: deficit irrigation, conveyance efficiency improvement, precision irrigation and waste water reuse, and demonstrates its application in the water scarce Pinios river basin in central Greece. The tool uses the SWAT (Soil and Water Assessment Tool) model as the BMP and hydrologic simulator and a multi-objective genetic algorithm, which, based on calculated cost data, optimizes the cost-effectiveness of management schemes across the landscape. From the analysis of the results produced and the optimal river basin BMP configurations under the current and a volumetric water pricing scenario, as well as under a ± 25% variation of the cost parameters, the study concludes that a specific bundle of different BMPs at an affordable implementation cost, along with a tiered water pricing system that could address socio-economic heterogeneities, would form a sustainable action plan against desertification in the highly deficient Pinios basin. The methodology and tool are considered easily applicable in other river basins and could be used to assist in a more cost-effective implementation of the environmental legislation. 
Keywords:cost-effectiveness; decision support; desertification action plan; genetic algorithm; irrigation BMPs; optimization; Pinios; SWAT