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Title:Characterization of fate and transport of Isoxaflutole, a soil-applied corn herbicide, in surface water using a watershed model 
Authors:Ramanarayanan, T., B. Narasimhan, and R. Srinivasan 
Journal:Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic & pollutant 
Primary Application Category:pollutant cycling/loss and transport 
Secondary Application Category:none 
Watershed Description:122 ac LaBelle Lake (ne MO): 13,255 ac Grindstone Reservoir (nw MO); 10,150 ac Bluestem Reservoir (se NE); 354,345 ac Rathbun Reservoir (southern IA) 
Calibration Summary: 
Validation Summary:graphical comparisons with measured flows at 2 Rathbun gauges; graphical comparisons of simulated & measured TRR losses are shown for all four watersheds 
General Comments:SWAT was used to simulate processes identified in conceptual models for two pesticides: Isoaxaflutole & RPA 202248. The two chemicals were combined and treated as a single combined compound (designated as total relevant residues or TRR), because isoxaflutole degrades rapidly to RPA 202248. Following validation, the fate of TRR residues was simulated in each water body using long-term historical weather. The results indicate that long-term accumulation of isoxaflutole & RPA 202248 is not occurring in semisteticuater bodies. 
Keywords:Isoxaflutole; watershed assessment; water quality modeling; SWAT; flushing index