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Title:Modelling water discharges and nitrogen inputs into a Mediterranean lagoon: Impact on the primary production 
Authors:Plus, M., I. La Jeunesse, F. Bouraoui, J.-M. Zaldívar, A. Chapelle and P. Lazure 
Journal:Ecological Modelling 
Volume (Issue):193(1-2) 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic and pollutant 
Primary Application Category:model and/or data interface 
Secondary Application Category:nitrogen cycling/loss and transport 
Watershed Description:280 km^2 Thau Lagoon drainage area, located on the south coast of France. 
Calibration Summary:Calibration was performed for 1993-94 for the Vène and Pallas rivers (two largest that flow into the lagoon) 
Validation Summary:Daily? 1993-99 r2 values for the Vene River: flow = .68 nitrate = .44 NH4+ = .31 org. N = .66 ---------------------------- Daily? 1993-99 r2 values for the Pallas River: flow = .45 nitrate = .27 NH4+ = .15 org. N = .20 
General Comments:An interface between SWAT and the 3-D Lagoon Model is described. A sensitivity analysis of 50 SWAT input parameters was performed; results are not reported. SWAT simulated general observed patterns well including: (1) high flows and peak nitrogen discharges that occurred in the fall and winter, (2) low flows with minimum loads in the summer, and (3) sudden floods in the summer. The mean annual nitrogen inputs into the Thau Lagoon was found to be 117 tons/year for the 1993-99 scenario period (80% of the nitrate load was from the two main rivers). Lagoon model resuls are also presented. 
Keywords:Watershed model; Lagoon model; Integrated modelling; Primary production; Thau lagoon