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Title:Comparative assessement of stormwater and nonpoint source pollution best management practices in suburban watershed management 
Authors:Qiu, Z. 
Volume (Issue):5(1) 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic and pollutant 
Primary Application Category:urban stormwater and/or BMP assessment 
Secondary Application Category:economic and or cost/benefit assessment 
Watershed Description:78.97 km^2 Neshanic River, located in Hunterdon County in northwestern New Jersey, U.S. 
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Abstract:Nonpoint source pollution control and stormwater management are two objectives in managing mixed land use watersheds like those in New Jersey. Various best management practices (BMPs) have been developed and implemented to achieve both objectives. This study assesses the cost-effectiveness of selected BMPs for agricultural nonpoint source pollution control and stormwater management in the Neshanic River watershed, a typical mixed land use watershed in central New Jersey, USA. The selected BMPs for nonpoint source pollution control include cover crops, prescribed grazing, livestock access control, contour farming, nutrient management, and conservation buffers. The selected BMPs for stormwater management are rain gardens, roadside ditch retrofitting, and detention basin retrofitting. cost-effectiveness is measured by the reduction in pollutant loads in total suspended solids and total phosphorus relative to the total costs of implementing the selected BMPs. The pollution load reductions for these BMPs are based on the total pollutant loads in the watershed simulated by the Soil and Water Assessment Tool and achievable pollutant reduction rates. The total implementation cost includes BMP installation and maintenance costs. The assessment results indicate that the BMPs for the nonpoint source pollution control are generally much more cost-effective in improving water quality than the BMPs for stormwater management. 
Keywords:suburban watershed management; stormwater BMPs; agricultural BMPs; cost-effectiveness; Neshanic River watershed; Soil and Water Assessment Tool; nonpoint source pollution