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Title:Integrating landscape assessment and hydrologic modeling for land cover change analysis 
Authors:Miller, S. N., W.G. Kepner, M.H. Mehaffey, M. Hernandez, R.C. Miller, D.C. Goodrich, K.K Devonald, D.T. Heggem and W.P. Miller 
Journal:Journal of the American Water Resources Association 
Volume (Issue):38(4) 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic only 
Primary Application Category:land use change 
Secondary Application Category:model and/or data comparison 
Watershed Description:3,150 km^2 Upper San Pedro, which straddles the border of Arizona (U.S.) and the Mexican State of Sonora), and 1200 km^2 Cannonsville River, located in south central New York, U.S. 
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Validation Summary: 
General Comments:Landscape changes were evaluated from 1973-97 (Upper San Pedro) and 1975-98 (Cannonsville) Increased urban and agricultural areas in the Upper San Pedro were predicted to result in greater average annual runoff, implying decreased water qualtiy, etc. Simulated average annual runoff was predicted to decrease for the Cannonsville watershed in response to a shift of ~4% from agricultural land into forest. 
Keywords:GIS; remote sensing; AGWA; landscape characterization