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Title:Simulating daily soil water under foothills fescue grazing with the soil and water assessment tool model (Alberta, Canada) 
Authors:Mapfumo, E., D.S. Chanasyk, and W.D. Willms 
Journal:Hydrological Processes 
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Broad Application Category:hydrologic only 
Primary Application Category:hydrologic assessment 
Secondary Application Category:none 
Watershed Description:3 watersheds 100 km south of Calgary, Saskatchewan: 1.53, 2.15, & 2.26 ha 
Calibration Summary:Selected days (1998); r2 & E = 0.85 & 0.77 
Validation Summary:Selected days (1999-2000); r2 & E = 0.72 & 0.70 
General Comments:Soil water profiles were predicted with SWAT for three small watersheds described as ungrazed, grazed, & heavily grazed. SWAT was judged to perform satisfactorily for all 3 watersheds and to have great potential for monitoring soil water resources. 
Keywords:hydrology; model sensitivity; soil moisture; statistical evaluation; SWAT