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Title:Considering spatial distribution and deposition of sediment in lumped and semi-distributed models 
Authors:Lenhart, T., A. Van Rompaey, A. Steegen, N. Fohrer, H.-G. Frede, and G. Govers 
Journal:Hydrological Processes 
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Broad Application Category:pollutant only 
Primary Application Category:pollutant cycling/loss and transport 
Secondary Application Category:none 
Watershed Description:692 km^2 Dill (state of Hessen, Germany); 820 km^2 Dijle (central Belgium) 
Calibration Summary:Daily (Oct. 98 - April 2000; Dilje) sediment r2/E (old) = .29/.02 sediment r2/E (new) = .71/.45 
Validation Summary:Daily (June 2000 - July 2001; Dill) sediment r2/E (old) = .41/-.93 sediment r2/E (new) = .81/.57 
General Comments:Modified Sediment delivery approach is introduced that accounts for distance between the source areas and streams. The new approach replicated sediment loss much more accurately that the old approach (used in the standard SWAT model). Graphical results are shown; no flow results are reported. 
Keywords:sediment; deposition; sediment delivery ratio; distributed model; SWAT