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 YearTitle and JournalModelBroad
2020Assessment of ecological function indicators related to nitrate under multiple human stressors in a large watershed
Ecological Indicators
SWATBMP review or conceptual approachnitrogen cycling/loss and transportin-stream processes
2020Modeling interbasin groundwater flow in karst areas: Model development, application, and calibration strategy
Environmental Modelling & Software
SWAT (modified)hydrologic onlykarst effectsmulti-site calibration approach
2020GeoAPEXOL, a web GIS interface for the Agricultural Policy Environmental eXtender (APEX) model enabling both field and small watershed simulation
Environmental Modelling & Software
APEXinterface tool and/or other softwareGIS interface, GIS utility, or other type of interface/utilitymodel interface
2020Sustainable management of erosion prone areas of upper watershed of Kainji Hydropower Dam, Nigeria
Journal of King Saud University - Engineering Sciences
SWATpollutant onlysediment loss and transportBMP assessment
2019MILP for optimizing water allocation and reservoir location: A case study for the Machángara River Basin, Ecuador
SWAThydrologic onlymodel interfaceimpoundment and/or wetland effects
2019Meeting water quality goals by spatial targeting of best management practices under climate change
Environmental Management
SWAT-VSApollutant onlyclimate changeBMP assessment
2019Issues of water resource management in China: Implications on agriculture and food security in the Guangxi Province of south China
Journal of Asian Rural Studies
SWATconceptual approachhydrologic assessmentpollutant cycling/loss and transport
2019Impacts of climate change on stream flow and water availability in Anger Sub-basin, Nile Basin of Ethiopia
Sustainable Water Resources Management
SWAThydrologic onlyclimate changecalibration, sensitivity, and/or uncertainty analysis
2019Identification of critical source areas (CSAs) and evaluation of best management practices (BMPs) in controlling eutrophication in the Dez River Basin
SWAThydrologic & pollutantcritical source area assessmentBMP assessment
2019Global implications of regional grain production through virtual water trade
Science of the Total Environment
SWAThydrologic onlyblue/green water or crop water productivitycrop growth/yield and/or parameters
2019Geohazards mitigation strategies simulation and evaluation based on surface runoff depth: A case study in Bailong River Basin
SWAThydrologic onlyland use changehydrologic assessment
2019Forecasting near-future impacts of land use and climate change on the Zilbier River hydrological regime, northwestern Iran
Environmental Earth Sciences
SWAThydrologic onlyclimate change and land use changecalibration, sensitivity, and/or uncertainty analysis
2019Evolution of drought–flood abrupt alternation and its impacts on surface water quality from 2020 to 2050 in the Luanhe River Basin
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
SWAThydrologic & pollutantdrought assessmentflood impacts or conveyances
2019Evaluation and application of a SWAT model to assess the climate change impact on the hydrology of the Himalayan River Basin
SWAThydrologic onlyclimate changehydrologic assessment
2019Estimating crop consumption of irrigation water for the conterminous U.S.
Transactions of the ASABE
SWAThydrologic onlyirrigation impacts or irrigation BMP scenarioshydrologic assessment
2019Coupled SWAT-MODFLOW model for large-scale mixed agro-urban river basins
Environmental Modelling & Software
SWAT-MODFLOWhydrologic onlymodel interfacegroundwater and/or soil water impacts
2019Comparison of the multiple imputation approaches for imputing rainfall data series and their applications to watershed models
Journal of Hydrology
SWAThydrologic & pollutantclimate data effectsphosphorus cycling/loss and transport
2019Assessment of climate change impacts on extreme high and low flows: An improved bottom-up approach
SWAThydrologic onlyclimate changehydrologic assessment
2019Assessment of chemical and microbiological parameters on the Leite River Lithuania
Environmental Science and Pollution Research
SWATpollutant onlynutrient cycling/loss and transporton-site and/or municipal wastewater systems
2019Application of SWAT Model with a modified groundwater module to the semi-arid Hailiutu River Catchment, northwest China
SWAT-M & SWAThydrologic onlygroundwater and/or soil water impactsmodel comparison
2019An integrated modelling approach to study future water demand vulnerability in the Montargil Reservoir Basin, Portugal
SWAThydrologic onlymodel interfaceclimate change
2019A modeling approach to diagnose the impacts of global changes on discharge and suspended sediment concentration within the Red River Basin
SWAThydrologic & pollutantclimate change and human activities changeimpoundment and/or wetland effects
2019A case study for the assessment of the suitability of gridded reanalysis weather data for hydrological simulation in Beas River basin of north western Himalaya
Applied Water Science
SWAThydrologic & pollutantsnowmelt, frozen soil and/or glacier melt processesgroundwater and/or soil water impacts
2019Increasing access to hydrologic modelling through a two-phase course
Global Journal of Engineering Education
SWATeducation and/or trainingon-line, workshop and/or other trainingnone
2019Semi-distributed parameter optimization and uncertainty assessment for an ungauged catchment of Deduru Oya Basin in Sri Lanka
International Journal of River Basin Management
SWAThydrologic onlycalibration, sensitivity, and/or uncertainty analysishydrologic assessment
2019Impact of filters to reduce phosphorus losses: Field observations and modelling tests in tile-drained lowland catchments
SWATpollutant onlyphosphorus cycling/loss and transportnone
2019Predicting dissolved reactive phosphorus in tile-drained catchments using a modified SWAT model
Ecohydrology & Hydrobiology
SWAT-P & SWAThydrologic & pollutantphosphorus cycling/loss and transporttile drainage function development and/or effects
2019Modeling connectivity of non-floodplain wetlands: Insights, approaches, and recommendations
Journal of the American Water Resources Association
SWATreview/historywetland effects and/or processesmodel comparison
2019Simulation of the projected climate change impacts on the river flow regimes under CMIP5 RCP scenarios in the westerlies dominated belt, northern Pakistan
Atmospheric Research
SWAThydrologic onlyclimate changehydrologic assessment
2019Hydrological modeling using the SWAT model based on two types of data from the watershed of Beni Haroun dam, Algeria
Journal of Water and Land Development
SWAThydrologic onlyinput effectshydrologic assessment
2019The adequacy of stochastically generated climate time series for water resources systems risk and performance assessment
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment
SWAThydrologic onlyclimate data effectshydrologic assessment
2019Simulation of flow in the Capim River (PA) using the SWAT Model
Floresta e Ambiente
SWAThydrologic onlycalibration, sensitivity, and/or uncertainty analysishydrologic assessment
2019Simulating the influence of integrated crop-livestock systems on water yield at watershed scale
Journal of Environmental Management
SWAThydrologic onlybaseflow and/or other hydrologic component analysishydrologic assessment
2019Modeling the influence of forest cover on streamflows by different approaches
SWAThydrologic onlyland use changehydrologic assessment
2019Modeling the effects of land cover change on sediment concentrations in a gold-mined Amazonian basin
Regional Environmental Change
SWAThydrologic & pollutantland use changesediment loss and transport
2019Modeling phosphorus reduction strategies from the international St. Clair-Detroit River system watershed
Journal of Great Lakes Research
SWATpollutant onlyBMP assessmentphosphorus cycling/loss and transport
2019Locating suitable sites for the construction of underground dams using the subsurface flow simulation (SWAT model) and analytical network process (ANP) (case study: Daroongar Watershed, Iran)
Sustainable Water Resources Management
SWAThydrologic onlymodel interfacegroundwater and/or soil water impacts
2019Integration of SWAT and HSPF for simulation of sediment sources in legacy sediment-impacted agricultural watersheds
Journal of the American Water Resources Association
SWAThydrologic & pollutantmodel interfacesediment loss and transport
2019Impacts on watershed-scale runoff and sediment yield resulting from synergetic changes in climate and vegetation
SWAThydrologic & pollutantclimate change and land use changesediment loss and transport
2019Impacts of land cover/use changes on hydrological processes in a rapidly urbanizing mid-latitude water supply catchment
SWAThydrologic onlyland use changehydrologic assessment
2019Hydrologic impacts and trade-offs associated with forest-based bioenergy development practices in a snow-dominated watershed, Wisconsin, USA
Journal of Hydrology
SWAThydrologic onlybioenergy crop assessmentirrigation impacts or irrigation BMP scenarios
2019Parameter evaluation for soil erosion estimation on small watersheds using SWAT model
International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
SWAThydrologic & pollutantBMP assessmentsediment loss and transport
2019Evaluation of loss models and effect of LU/LC changes on surface runoff in Subarnarekha River Basin
ISH Journal of Hydraulic Engineering
SWAThydrologic onlyland use changeGreen-Ampt versus runoff curve number comparison
2019Evaluation of best management practices for sediment and nutrient loss control using SWAT model
Soil & Tillage Research
SWAThydrologic & pollutantBMP assessmentpollutant cycling/loss and transport
2019Effects of land-use change and climate variability on streamflow in the Woken River Basin in northeast China
River Research and Applications
SWAThydrologic onlyclimate change and land use changehydrologic assessment
2019Comparative study of two state-of-the-art semi-distributed hydrological models
SWAThydrologic onlymodel comparisoncalibration, sensitivity, and/or uncertainty analysis
2019Climate change impacts on drought-flood abrupt alternation and water quality in the Hetao Area, China
SWAThydrologic & pollutantclimate changepollutant cycling/loss and transport
2019Assessment of sediment and organic carbon exports into the Arctic ocean: The case of the Yenisei River basin
Water Research
SWAThydrologic & pollutantsoil carbon cycling & transportsediment loss and transport
2019Assessing water and nutrient long-term dynamics and loads in the Enxoe´ Temporary River Basin (Southeast Portugal)
SWAThydrologic & pollutantpollutant cycling/loss and transporthydrologic assessment
2019Global soil, landuse, evapotranspiration, historical and future weather databases for SWAT applications
Scientific Data
SWATdata or component developmentdata and/or component contribution to SWATnone
2019Land cover changes for enhancing water availability in watersheds of Tanahun and Kaski, Nepal
Journal of Water and Climate Change
SWAThydrologic onlyland use changehydrologic assessment
2019Applicability of water quality models around the world—a review
Environmental Science and Pollution Research
SWATliterature citation analysisbibliometric analysismodel comparison
2019Assessing future water-sediment interaction and critical area prioritization at sub-watershed level for sustainable management
Paddy and Water Environment
SWAThydrologic & pollutantcritical source area assessmentclimate change
2019Assessing climate change impacts on water resources and crop yield: A case study of Varamin Plain Basin, Iran
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
SWAThydrologic onlyclimate changehydrologic assessment
2019An innovative approach to identifying agricultural pollution sources and loads by using nutrient export coefficients in watershed modeling
Journal of Hydrology
SWATpollutant onlynutrient cycling/loss and transportcritical source area assessment
2019Land use changes of head watershed area on streamflow, suspended sediment and water quality in Khlong Lan Watershed, Kamphaeng Phet Province
Burapha Science Journal
SWAThydrologic & pollutantpollutant cycling/loss and transporthydrologic assessment
2019Use of a calibrated SWAT model to evaluate the effects of agricultural BMPs on sediments of the Kalaya River basin (North of Morocco)
International Soil and Water Conservation Research
SWATpollutant onlyBMP assessmentsediment loss and transport
2019Uncertainty assessment in baseflow nonpoint source pollution prediction: The impacts of hydrographic separation methods, data sources and baseflow period assumptions
Journal of Hydrology
SWAThydrologic & pollutantbaseflow separation techniquesuncertainty analysis
2019Towards the use of conceptual models for water resource assessment in Indian tropical watersheds under monsoon-driven climatic conditions
Environmental Earth Sciences
SWAThydrologic onlymodel comparisoncalibration, sensitivity, and/or uncertainty analysis
2019Existing accessible modeling tools offer limited support to evaluation of impact investment in rangeland ecosystem services
Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems
SWAThydrologic onlyBMP assessmentbaseflow and/or other hydrologic component analysis
2019Study on the optimization of dry land irrigation schedule in the downstream Songhua River Basin based on the SWAT Model
SWAThydrologic onlyirrigation impacts or irrigation BMP scenariosblue/green water or crop water productivity