Asian Projects

Current and Recent Projects

The evolution of Asian dairy markets has been an ongoing investigation. A large project funded by the USDA National Research Initiative (NRI) has looked at dairy consumption patterns in China, Japan, Korea, and Indonesia (led by Fuller and Beghin in association with Lee, Rozelle, and Sumner (UC-Davis), Barichello (UBC), and with former student Schluep-Campo). The evolution of the Chinese dairy industry is also being investigated looking at the supply chain and the changes in organization of the industry (work led by Fuller with Rozelle [UC-Davis] and J. Huang and collaborators in China).

Besides the issues mentioned earlier, TAP’s work on China has been extensive, looking at China’s membership in the WTO, efficiency of Chinese rural credit cooperatives (led by Dong with Featherstone [Kansas State U]), and the structure and patterns of Chinese food consumption (work by Dong and Fuller). TAP, through a cooperative agreement, collaborates with USDA-ERS on model developments to analyze Chinese agriculture (led by Fuller with Hansen at USDA-ERS). Older investigations looked at Bt-cotton adoption (Fang and Babcock), the competitiveness of various agricultural sectors (work by Fang and Beghin), and vegetable oil consumption (work by Fang and Beghin). Two former projects also funded by USDA-NRI looked at feed use and feed use data issues in China’s commercial and backyard production (work by Hayes and Fuller) and the Chinese cotton industry (work by Babcock and Fang).

Indonesia’s agricultural and food markets have been investigated with funding by the USDA-NRI program. In a recent project, TAP looked at the change in consumption patterns and the “trading-up” pattern of animal-protein sources from fish to dairy and meat products (work by Fabiosa). Other Indonesian investigations have been an analysis of macroeconomic shocks and their impacts on wetland rice farmers, and a comparative analysis of commercial and backyard poultry production (work by Fabiosa and Jensen with collaborators in Indonesia).

Selected Recent Publications

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