Graduate Studies in Environmental and Resource Economics

The Department of Economics at Iowa State University offers a comprehensive graduate field in Environmental and Resource Economics that prepares students for top-level careers in research universities, liberal arts teaching colleges, government, policy centers, and private consulting firms.

Graduate training in environmental economics at Iowa State begins with a core grounding in modern micro- and macroeconomic theory as well as training in state-of-the-art econometric and statistical methods. Upon completion of the preparatory theory and econometrics courses, students move into the field classes in environmental and resource economics where research faculty teach the fundamental topics of the field, including mechanism design for environmental policy, environmental valuation, trade and the environment, and the theory of nonrenewable and renewable resource use.

Faculty and graduate students at Iowa State have written and published research and policy analyses covering such broad and critical environmental concerns as wetlands, superfund sites, fisheries, nonpoint source pollution, and greenhouse gases.

Funding Opportunities

Iowa State University offers generous financial support to qualified students, with research opportunities in the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development as well as funding for teaching assistantships within the Department of Economics.

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