Projected Effects of Trade Liberalization on U.S. Specialty Crops

Harry de Gorter, Roger Hickey, D. Wecksler
March 1992  [92-GATT 18]

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de Gorter, H., R. Hickey, and D. Wecksler. 1992. "Projected Effects of Trade Liberalization on U.S. Specialty Crops." CARD paper 92-GATT 18. Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, Iowa State University.


This study analyzes the effects of liberalization barriers to trade for six U.S. specialty crops: fresh grapes, fresh oranges, fresh grapefruits, peanuts, potatoes and almonds. The total value of Unites States exports of each commodity to the world and to the major four or five importers is given in Table A. The corresponding market share of U.S. export values are also presented. The major trade barriers considered in calculating the effects of trade liberalization for each of these major importers of U.S. specialty crops are summarized in Table B. To provide an overview of recent market developments in each commodity sector, we calculate the quantity and market share of exports by the United States to each major importer in Table 1 (there is a 'Table 1' for each commodity organized in section entitled "Tables and Charts"). Table 1 also gives the world total trade volumes ("world" refers to total U.S. exports). For example, the final column of Table 1 gives U.S. market share of total world trade for that commodity. The data for 1980-1990 are actual data and the years 1991-2000 are projected from trend using 1980-1990 data.