Impacts of the Food Security Act of 1985 on Iowa Agriculture

Daniel M. Otto, William H. Meyers
April 1986  [86-SR 33]

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Otto, D.M. and W.H. Meyers. 1986. "Impacts of the Food Security Act of 1985 on Iowa Agriculture." Staff report 86-SR 33. Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, Iowa State University.


The signing of the Food Security Act of 1985 (FSA 85), by President Reagan in December 1985 culminated a lengthy deliberation process involving food producing and consuming groups throughout the United States. During the debate, an analysis of a wide range of policy options for the 1985 Farm Bill was helpful to various interest groups in assessing their support for particular features of FSA 85 (FAPRI #1-85 and CTAP#9). The various state agricultural interest groups who participated in the political process at the federal level have a continuing interest in information on the implications of the new Farm Bill. The first comprehensive analysis on the effects of the FSA 85 was recently completed by the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) and provided information on commodity markets, government budgets, and farm income at the national level.