CEEPES: An Overview of the Comprehensive Economic Environmental Policy Evaluation System

Stanley R. Johnson, Paul E. Rosenberry, Jason F. Shogren, Peter J. Kuch
December 1990  [90-SR 47]

The Comprehensive Economic Pesticide Policy Evaluation System (CEPPES), as CEEPES was originally called, was developed in 1986 under a cooperative agreement between the Office of Policy Analysis of the Environmental Protection Agency (OPA/EPA) and the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development at Iowa State University (CARD/ISU). CEPPES was designed to analyze agricultural and environmental policies. It was structured to accommodate the important interrelationships among environmental and agricultural policies in the United States. Integrated policy analysis can discern and demonstrate efficient strategies to attain targeted levels for the agricultural sector, human health, and environmental performance.

The first documentation of CEPPES was made available in 1988. This report is an updated version of the overview chapter presented in CEPPES (1988). CEPPES has now been expanded to include plant nutrients in addition to pesticides, and the name of the system has been changed to Comprehensive Economic Environmental Policy Evaluation System (CEEPES).

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