Agriculture and Changing Natural Gas Prices

Burton C. English, George E. Oamek, Earl O. Heady
October 1983  [83-WP 10]

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Suggested citation:

English, B.C., G.E. Oamek, and E.O. Heady. 1983. "Agriculture and Changing Natural Gas Prices." Working paper 83-WP 10. Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, Iowa State University.


For the period of analysis, 1982 through 1987, the impacts on agriculture that result from increasing natural gas prices are examined. Two types of models are used in the analysis -- econometric and linear programming. These models are linked together so that a short-run multi-period analysis can be conducted. The econometric model represents national demand for agricultural commodities and projects next year's price while the linear programming component is an agricultural supply model.