Scanner Data and the Estimation of Demand Parameters

Richard Green, Zuhair A. Hassan, Stanley R. Johnson
April 1991  [91-WP 73]

Approaches to the specification of demand systems and the estimation of demand parameters have expanded considerably during recent years (Blundell, 1988). Available empirical estimates have been based on time-series, cross-section, and time-series of cross-section data on individuals, households and more aggregated units. Studies by Capps and Nayga (1990); Capps (1989); Funk, Meilke, and Huff (1977); and Marion and Walker (1978) have employed scanner/retail sales data, a potentially rich new source of information for estimating demand elasticities. Specifically, Capps, and Funk, Meilke, and Huff have utilized data from scanner/retail sales to estimate retail demand functions for meat products in the United States and Canada, respectively.

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