FAPRI U.S. Crops Model: Review and Suggestions, The

John Kruse, Chad E. Hart
October 1994  [94-WP 124]

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Kruse, J. and C.E. Hart. 1994. "FAPRI U.S. Crops Model: Review and Suggestions, The." Working paper 94-WP 124. Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, Iowa State University.


This paper provides a critical overview of the most striking problems in the 1994 version of the U.S. crops model. No model is ever perfect; however, as agricultural policies change and more data become available, the model can be improved. As we enter the 1995 Farm Bill debate, it becomes increasingly important to enhance the model structure to allow accurate analysis of the Farm Bill proposals. This review does not discuss every problem in the U.S. crops model, but does point out three areas that need to be improved for Farm Bill analysis. A critical review of a problem is not useful unless a possible solution can be presented. In addition to pointing out problems in the model this paper suggests possible solutions.