Impact of a 10 Percent Decrease in Planted Acreage of All U.S. Program Crops

FAPRI Staff, Bruce A. Babcock, John C. Beghin, Frank H. Fuller, Jacinto F. Fabiosa, Cheng Fang, Chad E. Hart, Holger Matthey, Stephane De Cara
May 2001  [01-BP 33]

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FAPRI Staff,, B.A. Babcock, J.C. Beghin, F.H. Fuller, J.F. Fabiosa, C. Fang, C.E. Hart, H. Matthey, and S. De Cara. 2001. "Impact of a 10 Percent Decrease in Planted Acreage of All U.S. Program Crops." Briefing paper 01-BP 33. Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, Iowa State University.


In response to a request from Senator Tom Harkin, the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) evaluated the effects of a uniform 10 percent reduction in program crop acreage in the United States. Specifically, FAPRI analyzed the effects on price, trade, consumption, and production in the eight program-crop markets and all related markets. FAPRI also investigated both the domestic and international implications of this reduction in U.S. planted area. In particular, FAPRI analyzed whether a decrease in U.S. production would be accommodated by a decrease in domestic use and inventories and corresponding changes in foreign production, use, and inventories.